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Managing Your School's Technology Can Be Overwhelming

K-12 technology management is an ever-increasing challenge.  You work tirelessly managing support, repairs, updates, and new devices while trying to keep up with all the new, must-have technology.  And remote learning?  It became an overnight demand bringing a host of new issues as technology became a basic necessity for everyday instruction.


Is your current device and help ticket tracking system fragmented with:  multiple, non-integrated systems, disparate spreadsheets, folders of documents and handwritten forms?

What if there was a single, integrated system to make the process easier and more efficient?

A K-12 Technology Management System to Help You Achieve More

We’ve been in your shoes and know the frustration with piecemeal programs.  Our team includes former K-12 technology professionals who understand having to make do with existing library systems for device assignments, email to manage help tickets, and an overwhelming number of spreadsheets or paper forms.  One to One Plus provides a fully integrated system giving you everything in one place so you and your team can be more efficient and effective.

We believe you deserve a system that enables you to be organized and efficient.

Stop Juggling Piecemeal Solutions

Simplify, integrate, and streamline your technology management processes.

Asset Management

With more technology to manage than ever, you need one piece of software to assign, track, and audit all your assets.

Manage all your technology devices and assets in one place.

Connect API’s to Google G Suite and other MDM systems.

Assign devices to students, staff, and locations.

Track device history including help tickets, users, and invoices.

Set up and conduct inventory audits to reconcile assets.


Help Desk Management

Handle help desk tickets with ease. Create, assign, update and track tickets in a single, integrated system.

Staff and students can quickly enter ticket requests.

Route tickets to technician(s) based on site or ticket type.

Automated update notifications keep everyone informed.

Technicians can quickly update and close assigned tickets.

Access and update tickets using the One to One Plus mobile app.


Staff, Student, and Location Management

Accurately track and update students and staff — whether in the classroom or learning remotely.

Import and update student and staff records.

Use Google SSO or Active Directory credentials to login.

Track history including help tickets, assets, and invoices.

Collect electronic signatures from staff, students, and parents.

Create invoices and collect payments for fees, damages, etc.


Productivity Management

Choose from a wide range of tools to make informed decisions -- all available at the click of a button.

Built-in workflows automate and streamline your business processes.

Gain anytime, anywhere access using the iOS or Android app.

View a real-time dashboard including drill-down capability.

Access a wide range of reports and quick exports.

Use a custom report generator to get the data you need.

With an Integrated K-12 Technology System, Our Clients Go From Overwhelmed to Organized

“This is one of the best companies I have ever dealt with in Education.  They are quick to respond and add features that have been requested.”

Josh Moneypenny

Director of Technology

“This software is very customizable.  It is easy to navigate and find the information that you are looking for since everything is connected.  The staff is amazing.  If I have a question, idea, or suggestion, they give immediate answers.”

Kathy Fetch

Technology Secretary

“Before One to One Plus, we had separate systems for our asset management and work orders.  Now everything is in one place.  The integration factor of One to One Plus has been a huge help to our school system.”

Dr. Tammy Haile

Executive Director of Technology

“We have been very pleased with both the quality of the product and the support that we receive.  We use all the modules — deployment tool, asset management, and help desk system.  The system has allowed us to go paperless and saved us a tremendous amount of time and money.”

Kerry Morgan

Director of Technology Systems

“One to One Plus saves our department so much time and makes us much more efficient.  We love having an integrated solution to manage our devices, our users, and our help desk all in one place.”

Donnie Elder

Director of Technology

“The software is straight forward.  It gives our teachers and technicians an easy way to track inventory and submit ticket requests.  The customer service through rollout and onboarding has been phenomenal.”

Mike McKay

Chief Technology Officer

“The software is so easy to use and their support team is amazing.  It would be impossible for us to effectively manage thousands of devices without this software.  Using One to One Plus, we now have a central repository of our 1:1 devices, users, classroom technology and help desk.”

Kyle Jones

Director of Technology

“When we first saw One to One Plus, it was apparent that it was built for education.  The software is very user friendly and helped us drastically enhance our 1:1 and help desk processes.  The support team is always ready to help either myself or anyone on my team or in the schools”

Dr. Jimmy Pryor

Asst. Superintendent for Technology

“The software is easy to use, customizable, and ready to go on day one.  The support team is so knowledgeable and responsive.  We simply couldn’t imagine going with another asset management/inventory solution.”

Josh Shepard

Director of Technology

Streamline Your Team’s Tasks With One Simple System

K-12 schools are more reliant on technology than ever. In this video, founder and CEO Burt Lancaster explains how his team created an integrated system to track assets and manage help tickets — all in one place.
At One to One Plus, we know you want to be organized and on top of your school’s vast amount of technology. You need a simple way to manage and monitor all the devices and help tickets. The problem is you’re juggling multiple systems and spreadsheets that don’t talk to each other. You’re overwhelmed and frustrated in your attempts to keep track of everything.

We believe your time is too valuable to spend on piecemeal solutions.

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