Our Story

“Some things are just meant to be and One to One Plus is one of those things.”

Burt Lancaster


Our Story

You simply can’t make up a story like this.  Sometimes you must sit back and say, “some things are just meant to be”.  This is true of One to One Plus as it all began in what we refer to as the “meant to be meeting”.  It was a meeting that wasn’t planned.  A meeting that wasn’t scheduled. Yet, by happenstance two former co-workers from some 20 years back (one now a school system Director of Technology and the other in the software industry) find themselves in the same room, in the same meeting.

It was at the end of that meeting that these former co-workers and some other staff began to talk and soon they realized that there might be an opportunity here.  The school system faced a real challenge trying to manage their ever-increasing number of technology devices, as well as an overwhelming number of work orders.  On top of this, they were about to embark on their first 1:1 deployment of devices to students and needed a way to invoice for damages, collect signatures, collect fees, and number of other functions.  What if they could combine their knowledge to build a software solution to meet the specific needs of K-12.

From this “what if” moment, other school systems were brought in to advise, consult and help design a software solution that would be spot-on for education.   The goal from the beginning was to develop an integrated, affordable, easy-to-use system that would simplify and streamline asset, 1:1, and work order management.   Guided by the input of these early-adopter school system professionals, One to One Plus went from a “what if” idea to the national award-winning software it is today.

Some things really haven’t changed much from our earliest days. Today, you will still find us working together, side-by-side with technology directors, technicians, media specialist, bookkeepers and others.  In the trenches with our clients is our favorite place to be and it ensures that our software is always evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of K-12.

We look back at those early days with a lot of gratitude.  We are grateful that an idea was shared with us.  We are thankful for those early school systems that took a chance on us and helped us build a system that we can all be proud of.

We often look back and ask, “how did we ever get to where we are today?” and then the answer comes.  “Some things are just meant to be”.

Built for Education

With more technology and devices in the hands of users than ever before, it’s no surprise that one of the greatest challenges facing school systems today is properly tracking and managing all of this technology.  Therefore, the One to One Plus K12 IT Asset Management software is designed to be an all-in-one integrated 1:1, asset, and work order management system built to meet the exact needs of education.

A Scalable Solution

Our K12 IT Asset Management Software was intentionally built to be adaptable to meet the needs of school systems both big and small.  One to One Plus clients today range in size from very small private schools to some of the largest school systems in the United States.  Additionally, our solution allows users to customize the solution to fit the specific needs of their school system today, as well as adapt for the needs of tomorrow.

Award Winning Software

One to One Plus K12 IT Asset Management Software is proud to be a national award winning software solution.  Our software has been recognized by national educational leaders as one of the “Top 100 Products for Education” in the United States.  Above all, the fact that the award is based on customer nominations, recommendations, and feedback is the thing that makes our team the most proud.

Five Star Support

An exceptional customer experience is our only goal.  Therefore, we brought together a team of professionals that understands the specific needs of education.  These professionals are dedicated to answering your calls, responding to your emails and taking your suggestions for software enhancements.  In addition to these, we provide an easy-to-access customer portal that enhances the user experience.

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