“It is a great solution with many features we use daily.”

Donnie Elder

Director of Technology

“The system brings everything together in one place.”

Dr. Jimmy Pryor

Asst. Supt. for Accountability and Technology

“The system makes inventory management much easier.”

Tina Leitzy

Director of Technology

“The system saves a ton of time.”

Kyle Jones

Director of Technology

“We cut our device insurance in half with the system.”

Matt Hoffman

Director of Technology

“We couldn’t imagine going with any other solution.”

Josh Shepard

Director of Technology

“Always goes above and beyond.”

Tracy McGill

Technology Specialist

“The company listens.”

Elizabeth Bryant

Instructional Specialist for Technology

“Quickly and easily assign assets.”

Rick Mattes

School Technology Coordinator

“The support is amazingly fantastic.”

Tracye Stormer

Director of Technology