“We cut our device insurance in half with the system.”

“Prior to One to One Plus, we had an inventory system and we had a work order system, but they did not communicate with one another. Purchasing this one consolidated software saved our school system money over the separate systems that we used before.  One to One Plus provides our school system with an easy-to-use, simple software that provides the data to make better decisions.”

Matt Hoffman

Director of Technology

Clover School District

Students:  8,461

Schools:  11


“The system saves a ton of time.”

“Prior to One to One Plus, we had multiple systems for work orders and asset management that are now all together in a single repository.  The system has been a huge benefit to Florence 1 Schools and saves us a ton of time.  The support team is a refreshing change as they are always available with quick answers to our questions or to help in any way possible.”

Kyle Jones

Director of Technology

Florence One Schools

Students: 14,500

Schools: 15